Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Night Drawings

Found it hard to sleep last night so I drew myself finding it hard to sleep

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Pax

The Longford Bestiary: The Pax
Anyone familiar with my blog will know that I am currently trying to compile Ideas for for a project called The Longford Bestiary. So far I just have scary monsters, so last night I was trying to think of a benevolent creature a bit like Tom Bombabil, someone to maintain the countryside or something less boring. So I came up with the Pax, he’s based on a man who used to live on my road when I was a child.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Longford Bestiary: 'The Razor Bird', 'The Banshee, and the 'Hairy Eyes'

I had an idea the other day to do a small picture book that would act as a tourist guide to the monsters of Co. Longford. First of all it's an excuse to draw monsters but it also gives me a chance to remember my child hood and bring back those things that scared me at night. Its just an idea at the moment but I plan to do a huge range of creatures and to locate them in a certain part of longford. For example the razor bird (which I am still not happy with) would spend its time mostly in Longford town and hang around razor blade alley at night.The Hairy eyes would live at the top of Cairn hill and the Banshee..Im not sure maybe bog land near from where I was born. Anyways will be doing more.If any Longford people know any monsters they heard about ..let me know.

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